Our Beliefs

The Bible – The Bible is a message from God, and there is no better guide to what we should believe and how we should live.

God – There is one God, who exists as three different but equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

People – Everyone is born a sinner, and so is subject to God’s wrath, the punishment of death, and everlasting separation from God in hell.

Jesus Christ – Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, alone paid the penalty for sin and so is the only one who can save people from sin. Having risen from the grave, Jesus Christ is now in heaven, from where he rules the nations until he returns to judge the earth.

Getting to Heaven – To get to heaven, a person must turn from sin and trust Jesus Christ to save them from the wrath of God and his everlasting punishment.

Being a Christian – By the help of the Holy Spirit, Christians are to strive to put sin to death and to live as God has told us in the Bible.

More About The Covenanter Church

A more complete statement of our beliefs can be found in:

Confession of Faith

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